Distributed Processing for Trading & Risk Management

PolyPaths Distributed Processing extends the Desktop system to analyze larger portfolios with complex financial instruments within a client’s time frame. This may be traders who need results within minutes or risk managers who require reports completed by a certain time on a daily basis.

Distributed Processing is designed for simple installation and minimal maintenance. The Admin Web Interface allows live management of the calculation grid. The Administrator can manage individual users, sessions, jobs and servers as well as implement policies on job priority limits, authentication, grid segmentation, lockout periods and more.

The system provides a number of important features and user benefits:


Its robust architecture allows Distributed Processing to scale with the size of your portfolio. Whether it is scaling from 50 calculators to 500, PolyPaths provides stable and exceptional throughput.


Its lean design has extremely low overhead and latency to keep the calculators running at full capacity. This provides you with all the valuations you need right when you need them.


The PolyPaths Distributed Processing framework allows multiple installations of the PolyPaths Desktop System to be available on demand for use on the grid at the same time. Each installation resides in its own separate location allowing them to be completely unique and configured independently as is needed. For example separate Profiles may exist for concurrent use on the same grid for: different user groups (Trading/Risk Mgt.), different PolyPaths Desktop versions (Production Version, Latest Release, …), different purposes (Prod, Alternate Prod with different models and settings, Test, …). Calculations can be submitted to any or all profiles at any time.


To address the common problem of sharing a pool of grid engines between multiple users PolyPaths Distributed Processing includes various configurable sharing algorithms which can allocate the resources between individual users or user groups, and therein by dynamically computed or fixed percentages of the resources to share.


From network downtime to machine failure, PolyPaths’ Distributed Processing identifies and recovers automatically from almost any infrastructure interruption through its use of fail safe caching and optional redundant grid “failover” configuration.


A web-based control panel allows monitoring and control of the grid from anywhere at any time. Distributed Processing quickly alerts users to any issues and provides the tools needed to resolve them.